Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Pattern entitled "Floating Hearts" $10 pattern only; with fabric kit $22 (shipping included)
New Pattern "Spring Posies II" price $10 (pattern with fabric Kit $22)

This is my new pattern entitled " Fiesta del Sol" (pattern $10 ; pattern with fabric kit $22 shipping included)

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

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Anne's Hand Dyed Glorious Colors
Fabric & Patterns

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Now you can order vibrant hand dyed 100% cotton fabrics

1. Multi-colored Rainbows in: Brights, Pastels, or "Blackened"

As pictured: Left: Blackened Special Edition. Center: Pastel Rainbow. Right: Blackened Rainbow

Bright Rainbow

Process of dyeing the fabric

All fabrics are sold in HALF YARD lengths

This soft cotton is perfect for fusing, applique or piecing. It is prewashed and ready to use.

Price List:

Multi-colored "Rainbows"
Bright Rainbows $24 per yard [$12 per 1/2 yard]
Pastel Rainbows $24 per yard [$12 per 1/2 yard]
Blackened Rainbows $24 per yard [$12 per 1/2 yard]
SOLIDS $12 per 1/2 yard


"Tangerine Topicale III" Pattern only $10 [ Pattern with Kit fabric $32]

"Fiesta Floribunda III" Pattern only $10 [Pattern with Kit fabric $26]

"Fiesta del Sol" Pattern only $10 [Pattern with Kit fabric $22]

"Spring Posies II" Pattern only $10 {Pattern with Kit fabric $22]

"Floating Hearts" Pattern only $10 [Pattern with Kit fabric $22]

Color to Color Gradation: choose color (goes from very light to very dark)

Shipping: $4.80 Priority Mail flat-rate USPS envelope for 6 half yards or less.

$8.95 Priority Mail flat-rate USPS box for larger orders.
International shipping will vary by individual orders/ email Anne for more information

Email Anne with your order.